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[[EMO:Powerflow Analysis|Powerflow Analysis]]
[[EMO:Powerflow Analysis|Powerflow Analysis]]
[[EMO:Constraint Overview]]
[[EMO:Constraint Overview|Constraint Overview]]

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Welcome to the EMarketOffer (EMO) Wiki. This wiki contains the help information for Energy Link's EMO model of the New Zealand electricity spot market.

EMO is a full market clearing engine which also includes the ability to view the market period by period.


READ THIS SECOND: Using and Searching the Wiki

READ THIS THIRD: Getting Good Data

Getting Help:  at Energy Link we are always ready to help.  You can email us at helpdesk@energylink.co.nz, or call 03 479 2475.  If you already know who can help you, please feel free to email or phone them direct.

Main sections of the wiki:

Getting Started

System Overview

The Main Window


Powerflow Analysis

Constraint Overview


SFT Constraints

Data File Formats


Energy Link acknowledges the assistance provided to us by Transpower in regard to understanding how SFT constraints are formulated.