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To isolate a single Trading Period of interest and examine it in detail, without having to amend or create Forecast Definitions, by altering any factor affecting the dispatch calculation and immediately re-dispatching the period to observe the outcome.

NOTE: The Re-dispatch feature only operates when the Presentation Interface is in Scenario Data Source mode.

Dispatch Factors that can be altered:

  • Nodal Demand
  • Unit Offers Quantities and Price (energy and Reserves) for all five bands
  • Circuit Capacities
  • Equation Constraint Limits

>> To Re-dispatch a single period:

  1. Place the Presentation Interface into Scenario Data Source mode
  2. Select the Scenario you wish to examine (or create a new one using the Create button in the Main Window Data Source Manager)
  3. Use the Information Grids in the Main Window Display Panel to select the factors you wish to alter before re-disptach
  4. Click the Re-dispatch button on the Scenario Functions Panel
  5. The Presentation Interface (Map and Information Grids) will now display an updated view of the period as a result of the re-dispatch with the new factor values

NOTE: You can also use separate Windows created from the Main Window to alter dispatch factor values. These windows are also updated with new information resulting from the Re-dispatch.

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