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The Data Type Selector Tab at the top of the Main Window Display Panel.


To display textual data for the following data types in the Main Window Display Area:

Additional Main Window Display Grid Features

>> To sort grid data by column contents:

  1. Double-click on the header of the column head you want to sort by in ascending order by column item
  2. Double-click again to sorts column contents in descending order.

>> To save the contents of a Grid:

  1. Click the 'Save To File' button to the left of the Main Window Display Panel
  2. Enter the name and location of the file using the standard Windows File Save Dialogue box (NOTE: the file will be saved in csv format).

>> To Open a Secondary Window using the Grid Contents:

  1. Click the "New Window" Icon in the Data Type Selector in the Main Window Display Panel. This appears as a button with a small black square on it, in the top right hand corner of the Main Window.

Secondary Window Features

Feature Purpose
Title Bar
Shows the type of data being displayed and the day, date and period for which it applies
Save to File Button
Opens a standard Windows Save File Dialogue box allowing you to save the Data Grid contents to a csv format file
Watch List Filter Control
Allows you to filter the contents of a data grid according to the contents of a pre-defined Watch List for the data type. For example if you were viewing a data grid for Nodes and have previously created a Node Watch list for all North Island Nodes, you could use the drop down control to select this Watch List and filter out all South Island Nodes from the display. Using the 'Save To File' button will save only the filtered data set displayed in the grid.
Edit Watch Lists Button
Opens the Edit Watch List Window, allowing you to update Watch Lists directly from the Information Window
Keep In Front Check Box
The Information Window is kept in front of all other Windows when this box is checked
The Data Grid
Contains the actual information for the selected data type

NOTE: Double-clicking any row in the Data Grid will open a Static Information Window for the selected row item.

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