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Technical Architecture

EMarketOffer is provided as a single executable program developed in C# using Microsoft's .net environment. It is designed to operate as a desktop application and can be configured to operate as a client of networked online databases. To support mobile users the system can also operate when disconnected from the corporate network using data uploaded from corporate databases or appropriately formatted files. Offline data must be stored in the local machine in relational database schema implemented in either Microsoft Access or SQL server.

Forecast Definitions and forecast results are stored in binary or XML file formats and can be exported for use in applications such as Excel and other EMarketOffer implementations. Forecast results files can be stored either on the client PC's local drive or on a mapped network drive. Energy Link recommends Forecast output is stored on the local drive by default to minimise the effects of network latency on Forecast Run speed. Forecast files can subsequently exported to networked locations either in native XML format or translated into csv format.

Logical Architecture

The logical architecture of EMarketOffer is described in the table below.

Component Purpose
Online database(s)
EMarketOffer can access networked online databases containing market and transmission system data
EM6 Data Files
Transmission System data provided in standard format by the System Operator can be uploaded into EMarketOffer
COMIT Data Files
Offers and Demand data provided in standard format by the Market operator can be uploaded into EMarketOffer
User Data Files
You can create your own Transmission System, Demand and Offers data files to upload into EMarketoffer.

TIP: To avoid the time consuming task of creating of large, customised time-series data files from scratch, use EMarketOffer to create output files of Offer and Demand data from database downloads, and store them in the Library. These can be edited in Excel as required and uploaded into new Forecast Definitions.
Presentation Interface
The collection of information presentation features that allow you to visualise the Current Data Set. These include the Map, Charts, Information Windows, Watch Windows and Reports.
Data Source Manager
Manages the run-time data displayed through the Presentation Interface
Forecasts a range of Market-related variables for a specific period of time, based on a user-defined Definition which can be constructed using a mix of real (historical) data and user-created data. A special forecasting feature (Scenario mode) allows immediate, multiple re-forecasts for a selected single period using interactively modified Scenario details.
Powerflow Engine
The Powerflow engine calculates the powerflows for a specified network using given nodal injection and off-take. The engine provides essential support for historical (market) data analysis and powerflow case analysis.
Reports and Export Files
Reports and Export Files are produced by EMarketOffer's reporting capabilities.

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