Scenarios and the Main Window

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On loading a Scenario two changes take place in the Main Window:

  1. A Scenario Panel appears at the top of the Main Window Control Panel
  2. The Information Grids in the Display area become editable (i.e. you can change the values of certain fields for re-dispatch)

The Scenario Panel

Feature Purpose
Scenario Name Field
Displays the Scenario name
Scenario Version Field
Displays the Scenario version
Redispatch Button
Causes the Scenario to be re-dispatched using data updated in the Information Grids
Analyse Button
Places the Main Window into Marginal Analysis Mode
Save Button
Saves a new version of the current Scenario (including any changes made through the Information Grids). Note that version numbers are integers allocated sequentially

Information Grid Changes

Columns containing editable data (for re-dispatch) are shaded pale yellow in the Main Window Information Grids.

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