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'''''[[EMO:Creating a Scenario|Creating a Scenario]]'''''
'''''[[EMO:Creating a Scenario|Creating a Scenario]]'''''
'''''[[EMO:Constraint Builder|Constraint Builder]]'''''
'''''[[EMO:Using the Redispatch Feature|Using the Redispatch Feature]]'''''
'''''[[EMO:Using the Redispatch Feature|Using the Redispatch Feature]]'''''
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[[EMO:EMarketOffer User Manual|Home]]
[[Main Page|Home]]

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A Scenario is a snap shot of a single Trading Period created from either a Market or a Forecast Data Source.

Scenarios can be manipulated for 'what-if' analysis purposes. EMarketOffer effectively gives you control over any factor that influences dispatch, allowing you to make changes and instantly re-dispatch to see the outcome.

Another useful feature of a Scenario is the ability to conduct sensitivity analysis, using a marginal analysis technique to investigate the sensitivity of the Market to small changes in a selected Dispatch Factor.

In this Section

Scenarios and the Main Window

Creating a Scenario

Constraint Builder

Using the Redispatch Feature

The Scenario Analyser


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