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Data Type Sources Comments
  • Online data base
  • Formatted files
  • Demand files previously exported from EMarketOffer
  • Demand Profile files
EMarketOffer can obtain nodal Demand data directly from your in-house Market databases. Demand can also be uploaded directly from formatted Demand and Demand Profile files - see Data File Formats.
Transmission System
  • Grid data files
  • Online databases
EMarketOffer can be configured to obtain Transmission System data from your online database, however it is primarily designed to support the grid files available daily from the Energy Link web site. These files are used to to create a picture of the Transmission System for any valid historical date. In Power Flow mode, constraints and re-ratings are irrelevant as power flows in this mode are not constrained by market dispatch.
  • Online data base
  • Generation Profile files
EMarketOffer can be configured to connect to your in-house Market databases to obtain Generation data for any valid date. You can also create your own generation files by creating or amending a Generation Profile - see Data File Formats.