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Data Type Sources Comments
  • Online data base
  • Formatted files
  • Demand files previously exported from EMarketOffer
  • Demand Profile files
EMarketOffer can obtain nodal Demand data directly from your in-house Market databases. Demand can also be uploaded directly from formatted Demand and Demand Profile files - see Appendix.
Transmission System
  • Online databases
  • EMS/COMIT/Ellsoft Files:
    • BranchData.csv
    • BranchConstraintsData.csv
    • ConstaintsData
EMarketOffer can be configured to obtain Transmission System data from your online database, how it is primarily designed to use files in their native EMS/COMIT format to create a picture of the Transmission System for any valid historical date defined by: active Circuits and their limits, Market Nodes and any Group Constraints being applied.
  • Online data base
  • Generation Profile files
EMarketOffer can be configured to connect to your in-house Market databases to obtain Generation data for any valid date. You can also create your own generation files by creating or amending a Generation Profile - see Appendix.

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