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EMarketOffer has three main functions:

  1. To analyse and present key historical electricity Market data through a powerful set of information presentation tools in the Presentation Interface
  2. To simulate the operation of the Market for situations of potential interest (generally termed Forecasting) and presenting the results through the Presentation Interface
  3. To conduct Powerflow analysis for a defined network using given nodal demand and generation.

Supporting Functions

To achieve these main functions EMarketOffer must:

For Historical Periods

  • Calculate Powerflows using Generation and Demand figures
  • Interpret Transmission System data including dynamic changes such as:
    • Circuit re-routing or retirement
    • Circuit re-rating
    • Outages
    • Application of Equation Constraints

For Forecast Periods

  • Replicate the operation of the SPD Market clearance engine for both the energy and reserves market, to a high degree of accuracy and at high speed
  • Load large volume data sets directly from online databases or from file
  • Allow easy manipulation of historical Market and Transmission System data to quickly create new Forecast Definitions

Presentation Interface Functions

The Presentation Interface provides the following analysis support functions:

  • Multi-featured Map
  • Flexible tabulation of data including separate floating Windows to monitor specific items of interest
  • Forecast Summaries to quickly identify the key features of a Forecast Run
  • Charting of Offer stacks, Demand Profiles and Supply Curves by user-definable periods
  • General purpose charting of any output variable
  • Single-period 'Scenario' mode allowing any Dispatch Factor to be amended and the effects seen instantly through an immediate re-dispatch
  • Marginal Analysis mode allowing the sensitivity of dispatch to changes in any Dispatch Factor

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