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To review the key features for all periods of a Forecast Run compressed into a single Current Data Set (i.e. into a single, synthetic Current Period).


>> To enter Summary Mode:

  1. Load a forecast with results into the Presentation Interface
  2. Click the Summary Button in the Forecast Functions Panel

NOTE: Entering Summary mode changes the appearance of the Main Window Side Panel and the Main Window Information Grids.

Forecast Summary Mode and the Main Window

On entering Forecast Summary mode six changes take place in the Main Window:

  1. The Main Window Title bar shows:
    1. Forecast Summary mode has been entered
    2. The name of the summarised Forecast
    3. The currently selected Forecast Summary Date Range
  2. The Forecast Control Panel is replaced by the Forecast Summary Date Range Selector
  3. The Data Source Manager is replaced by the Done Button
  4. The Map displays average values for Modelled Items and highlights any constraint occurring during the Summary Date Range
  5. The Information Grids display additional Summary Data
  6. The Period Summary Panel displays average: Price, Load, Generation and Losses for the currently selected Forecast Summary Date Range

Forecast Summary Date Range Selection

The Range Selector shows the 'From' and 'To' Trading Periods of the Forecast Effective Date Range. By default the Summary Mode opens covering all periods in the chosen Forecast.

>> To reduce the date range of the summarised data appearing in the Map and Information Grids:

  1. Simply select the from/to dates and the from/to Time Periods for which you want to reduce the range to.

Done Button

On entering Summary mode the Data Source Manager on the Main Window Side Panel is replaced with the Done Button.

This button is used to End Forecast Summary Mode and returns the Presentation Interface to view the Underlying Forecast Data Source.

Information Grids in Forecast Summary Mode

In Forecast Summary mode, the Main Window Information Grids and any Secondary Information Windows switch from displaying Trading Period data to displaying Summary data for a specified Forecast Summary Date Range.

Three types of Data:

  1. Static Data which describes the Modelled Items in the Grid (e.g. Generator Name) and does not change in Forecast Summary mode.
  2. Averaged Dynamic Data (e.g. Generator output), averaged for all periods over the Summary Date Range.
  3. Peak Data which shows the highest or lowest value for an item in the selected Forecast Summary Range. This data does not appear in ordinary Forecast Data Source mode. Columns containing peak data are coloured pale green.

Forecast Summary Mode and the Watch Window

When entering Forecast Summary Mode any open Watch Windows are automatically updated with summarised data. The updated Watch Windows contain new columns for averaged and peak dynamic summary data and are highlighted in pale green similar to the Information Grids.