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The EMarketOffer Presentation Interface provides four generic data presentation modes, referred to as data sources. These are:

  • Market
  • Forecast
  • Powerflow Case
  • Scenario

Market Mode

Market mode is available for any historical day for which EMarketOffer can access data. It is not available for future dates. For the Trading Period under review, Market-sourced data automatically includes the best available:

  • Transmission System configuration including Branch Constraints
  • Group Constraints
  • Prices
  • Load
  • Generation

While in Market Mode:

  • Powerflows are automatically calculated and displayed on the Map and in Watch Windows
  • Probable (not actual) constraints are highlighted on the Map and can be viewed in Watch Windows

Market Mode is passive: while viewing and reporting Market-sourced information you cannot alter any of the underlying data or the derived Powerflows. There is only one version of Market data for any given Trading Period, and therefore in Market Data Source Mode views are simply identified by date and Trading Period in the Main Window Title Bar.

Forecast Mode

Forecast Mode allows you to view Forecast output using the same viewing and reporting features used in Market Mode. Once created, Forecast data is stored in the Forecast Library and like Market-sourced data, cannot be amended. However, by running many Forecast Definitions is it possible to create multiple, different, Forecasts for the same Trading Period. The Effective Date Range for a Forecast can start in future or the past. Forecasts are identified by the name you give them at definition time, which appears with the "current" forecast date and Trading Period in the Main Window title bar.

Powerflow Case

Powerflow Mode displays the results of a Powerflow Case analysis output through the Presentation Interface. Powerflow Cases are defined in a similar way to Forecast Definitions. However, while Forecasts use the SPD dispatch engine and require Offers data, Powerflow cases execute EMarketOffer's powerflow engine and use Generation data as input.

Scenario Mode

A scenario is a snapshot of a single Trading Period taken from either Market (historical) or Forecast data. Once saved a Scenario cannot be changed. However, in this Mode any factor influencing the dispatch for the Period can be temporarily altered and a re-dispatch of the period immediately invoked. The result of a re-dispatched Scenario can be saved as a new Scenario and recalled independently at a future date. While in Scenario mode the Main Window title bar carries the Scenario name, which by default contains the date and Trading Period from which the scenario was originally created.

NOTE: Scenarios should not be created from a Market Data Source on days for which no valid Offers exist

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