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The Presentation Interface allows you to operate EMarketOffer. Key interface concepts include:

Concept Meaning
Chart (Graph)
A graphical representation of numerical data
Current Data Set
That set of data currently displayed in the Main and Secondary Windows. Most Presentation Interface functions are concerned with viewing or manipulating the current data set, which can be:
  • A single Trading Period from the Market Data Source
  • A single Trading Period from a Forecast or Powerflow Case output
  • A summary of all or a range of periods from a Forecast or Powerflow Case output
  • A single Trading Period from a Scenario
Data Grid
The generic data entry component of the Presentation Interface. It contains display and/or editable data fields presented in single column or table formats.
Data Source
Defines where the source comes from for Current Data Set:
  • Historical data (Market Data Source)
  • Output from a Forecast (Forecast Data Source)
  • Output of a Powerflow Case analysis (Powerflow Case Data Source)
  • A saved Scenario (Scenario Data Source)
Information Grid
Information Grids are used in the Main and in Secondary Windows to present text-based information using a tabular Data Grid. They are used primarily to present dynamic data related to the Current Data Set and should not be confused with Information Windows which are primarily used for displaying and editing static data related to Modelled Items.
Information Window
A separate on-screen window for displaying and editing Static Data related to Modelled Items. This should not be confused with Secondary Windows or Information Grids.
Main Window
The primary interface for viewing and operating EMarketOffer: It:
  • Contains access to all system functions
  • Is the primary information presentation area
  • Controls the selection of the Current Data Set through the Date and Time Selector and the Data Source Manager
A multi-featured map-based graphical presentation of the Current Data Set
Secondary Window
A window containing a sub-set of the information available through the Main Window. Secondary Windows 'follow' the Main Window in that their content changes when the Current Data Set is changed through the Main Window.
Watch Window
A floating window containing a user-defined sub-list of specific items you want to monitor closely.

NOTE: The phrase (or similar) 'loaded into the Presentation Interface' is used here to mean using the Main Window functions to select the Current Data Set and display it in any open Map, Information Grid, Chart or Information Window.

The following sections further detail some of the more commonly used Concepts in EMarketOffer:

The Data Grid


Data Sources


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