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For optimal performance EMarketOffer should be installed on a dedicated single core workstation or, better still, on a fast multi-core Windows PC.

Before you start: The process for implementing EMarketOffer includes configuring connectivity to your online databases and providing important Transmission System configuration data, consultation with your system administrator and the Energy Link helpdesk is recommended before proceeding to installation.

To install EMarketOffer on your workstation:

  1. Ensure you have administrative permission rights if you are installing on a Windows work station
  2. Unpack the zipped installation package into a temporary folder on your workstation using the password provided by Energy Link. (Skip this step if your system administrator has setup a directory containing the installation data on a network drive.)
  3. Read any release notes or any file called "Readme.txt" - these notes will contain important installation information which may modify the instructions given here
  4. Run the program called 'Setup.exe' in the temporary folder (if the package has been sent to you by e-mail the setup program will be called 'Setup.ex_', and should be renamed to 'Setup.exe' before running).
  5. Enter a location for the program's executable when prompted by the setup program (default. 'C:\Program Files\Energy Link\EMO')
  6. Enter a location for the program's data files when prompted by the setup program (e.g. 'C:\Data\EMO')
  7. The setup program will then:
    1. Install the EMarketOffer executable in your specified program folder
    2. Create a Directory Structure under your specified data folder
    3. Create an 'EMO' globe icon on your desktop

If this is the first time the software has been installed on your computer you will need to:

  1. Copy the license file (provided separately) to the License Folder in the Data Directory Structure
  2. Copy the Nodes and Substations Positions files to the Positions folder in the Data Directory Structure
  3. Copy the contents of the 'Maps' folder to the Maps Folder in the Data Directory Structure (please take care to ensure all New Zealand Maps are placed in the 'NZ' sub-folder)
  4. Copy the contents of the remaining EMS files to the 'EMS' Sub-folder (in the Inputs Folder in the Data Directory Structure)

You can now launch EMarketOffer from the desktop icon, however for first time installations the program stills needs to be configured to link to your internal databases.

Warning! EMarketOffer is computationally intense and operates with high volumes of both input and output data. Operating the program across a network or in a shared application environment may result in unsatisfactory performance.