Powerflow Case Components

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A Powerflow Case Component is all or part of a Powerflow Case Definition stored separately as an .xml file. Components are created by exporting all or selected parts of a Powerflow Case Definition to the Component Library.


Components can be directly imported into new Case Definitions at any time. Components can also be made available to other users of EMarketOffer and incorporated into their Case Definitions.

Component Classes

Class Type Source Description
Transmission System (Static with periodic changes)
Grid data files or database
Contains static circuit data that influence power flow
Market (Dynamic time series)
In-house database or profile files
Nodal demand data
Market (Dynamic time series)
In-house database or profile files

NOTE: It is possible to create data for any of these classes yourself without using the listed data sources.

A Powerflow Case Component can contain data from any one of three levels:

  1. The whole Definition
  2. A whole class (e.g. Demand for all Nodes)
  3. Individual items within a class (e.g. selected Circuits within the circuit class)