Offers File Format

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The formatting criteria for files containing Offers to be imported into Forecast Definitions are described below.

The file must be in csv format and named according to the following convention:



  • 'Offers' is the text "Offers"
  • 'yyyy' is the numerical 4 digit year (e.g. 2006)
  • 'mm' is the numerical 2 digit month (e.g. 06)
  • 'dd' is the numerical 2 digit day (e.g. 08)

The file must contain two row types:

  • a single header row
  • one or more data rows

Header Rows

The header row must be the first row in the file and must have the exact text in column as presented below.

Column Text
1 Company
2 Grid_Injection_Point
3 Station
4 Unit
5 Trading_Date
6 Trading_Period
7 Max_Output
8 Max_Ramp_Up_Rate
9 Max_Ramp_Down_Rate
10 Band1_Power
11 Band1_Price
12 Band2_Power
13 Band2_Price
14 Band3_Price
15 Band3_Power
16 Band4_Price
17 Band4_Power
18 Band5_Price
19 Band5_Power
20 Created_Date
21 Last_Amended_Date

Data Rows

A data row will exist for each Offering Unit and must conform to the formatting requirements as presented in the following table:

Column Format
Company 4 Alpha Company code (Not used)
Grid_Injection_Point Standard 3 Alpha 4 numeric code (e.g. ABY0111)
Station Standard 3 Alpha code (e.g. OPU)
Unit Single digit integer Unit number (0 = whole Station)
Trading_Period Integer 1 - 50
Max_Output Numeric
Max_Ramp_Up_Rate Numeric
Max_Ramp_Down_Rate Numeric
Band1_Power Numeric
Band1_Price Numeric
Band2_Power Numeric
Band2_Price Numeric
Band3_Power Numeric
Band3_Price Numeric
Band4_Power Numeric
Band4_Price Numeric
Band5_Power Numeric
Band5_Price Numeric
Created_Date dd/mm/yyyy
Last_Amended_Date dd/mm/yyyy

A sample segment of an Offers file is presented below:

Segment of example Offers File