Loading and editing Transmission System Data

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Loading Transmission Data

>> To load Transmission data in to your forecast Definition:

  1. Click the Load Data button (or use the Data > Load Data option in the Menu bar of the Forecast Definition Window to open the Load Data Window)
  2. Use the Load Transmission Data Dialogue to specify the details of the Transmission data you wish to use

Tip: Remember to select a data range for the Transmission data that fully covers the Forecast Definition Effective Date Range.

Manual Constraints

In Forecast mode, EMO loads all of the constraints extracted from the SPD daily data files into the Forecast for you. It also loads Manual Constraints from the SO's web site available at http://www.systemoperator.co.nz/system-operations/security-management/security-constraints (part way down this page is the Manual Constraints Post SFT (updated dd ddd yyyy) workbook). The Manual constraints are, by default, set to inactive status, so you need to decide which of these constraints you need (if any) and set them to active.

Editing Loaded Circuit Data

Data for individual Circuits can be edited using the Edit Circuit Information Window accessed by double-clicking a circuit in the loaded circuit data panel on the Forecast Definition Window.

These edited fields are equivalent to the values in the Circuits Information Grid:

  • Name
  • From
  • To
  • CircuitType
  • Resistance
  • Reactance
  • Fixed Loss

Also the following fields can be defined:

  • Summer, Shoulder, Winter : these fields defined the default capacity in the three temperature phases
  • Re-Rated: NOT EDITABLE, this field shows if there are any rerating entries relating to this circuit
  • SFT Protection Factors: These factors control the generation of automatic SFT constraints, if that feature is being used. For more information see SFT Constraints.

These values are only required for Line, not Transformers or Switches. The values are in the format <Summer PF>,<Summer PFQ>;<Winter PF>,<Winter PFQ>;<Shoulder PF>,<Shoulder PFQ>

  • Included: allows circuits to be removed from the forecast.

Editing Loaded Equation Constraint Data

Equation Constraint data can be edited using the Edit Equation Constraint Information Window accessed by double-clicking an equation in the loaded equations data panel on the Forecast Definition Window.