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An infeasibility occurs when EMarketOffer cannot find an optimal dispatch solution meeting input supply, reserves and transmission constraints for a given Trading Period. When displaying Forecast results, infeasibilities in the Current Period are displayed in the Messages Panel of the Main Window Control Panel. Even where infeasibilities do occur, EMarketOffer may find a dispatch solution by relaxing constraints, in which case messages in the Messages panel will indicate that while some Constraints have not been fully met.

If no solution can be found that meets the laws of conservation of energy (i.e. there is not enough Generation available), then no Generation or power flow data will be shown.

Example Infeasibility Panel Messages

Message Meaning
"Not Enough Generation"
The total quantity of offered Generation is insufficient to supply system Demand
"No Solution Found", "Unable to meet one or more constraints"
A solution that meets Supply. Reserves and Transmission Constraints could not be found
"Dispatch Timed Out"
A solution could not be found within a reasonable time
"Unable to meet constraint:" <Constraint Type Name>
Identifies a Constraint that could not be met
"Unable to meet constraint: Line Limit on" <Circuit Name>
Identifies a Circuit Capacity Constraint that could not be met

When analysing the cause of an infeasibility, consult the Circuit Loadings and Equation Constraint Freedoms in the Main Window Information Grids. Loadings over 100% and negative freedoms indicate the related Constraints have not been met.

NOTE: All infeasibility messages for an entire Forecast will appear together in the Messages panel on entering Forecast Summary Mode.