Forecasting Inputs

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A Forecast is a set of output data created by running a Forecast Definition.

Forecast Input Data

Data Type Sources Comments
  • Online Database
  • Formatted file
  • Demand file previously exported from EMarketOffer
  • Demand Profile file
EMarketOffer can obtain nodal Demand data directly from your online Market databases. Demand can also be uploaded directly from formatted files - see Data File Formats.
Transmission System
  • Grid files downloaded daily from Energy Link's web site
  • Online database
  • Manual entry
EMarketOffer uses grid files to create a picture of the Transmission System for any valid historical date from 22-Jul-09; defined by: active Circuits and their limits, Nodes and any Equation Constraints being applied.
  • Online database
  • Offers files
  • formatted files
EMarketOffer can be configured to connect to your online Market databases to obtain Offers data for any valid date. The program can also use daily Offers files obtained from Finally it is possible to create your own Offers files by amending an offers file or completely from scratch, but must be in the same format as the files downloaded from
  • Online database
  • Manual Entry
Reserves data, particularly Offers, can be loaded from online databases, along with any other parameters required as input for dispatching Reserves. It is expected that not all required parameters will be stored in your databases, in which case it will be necessary to enter these into Forecast Definitions manually.


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