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When setting up your data feeds, we strongly recommend that you involve our developers in this work
so that we can help to ensure you have the best data to work with.
We will also ensure that you are able to access and download the daily updated grid and reserves files
which include data back to 22-Jul-09.  Contact the developers through the help desk.

EMarketOffer requires five types of externally sourced input data:

  • Transmission system (grid) data
  • Reserves data
  • Market data
  • Manual constraint data sourced from the SO's web site
  • Outage data sourced from POCP

Grid and Reserves Data

EMarketOffer can create a set of grid data (circuit details, line re-ratings and constraints) at run time from one of four sources:

  1. Historical transmission system data files provided by Energy Link
  2. Transmission system files sourced through the EM6 web site operated by Transpower division EMS
  3. In-house databases
  4. The files available each business day from the Energy Link web site (for grids from 22-Jul-09 onward)

Of the sources above, 1 - 3 are legacy data sources and we have stopped supporting them as the data available from EM6 is incomplete for the purposes required in EMarketOffer, and because we have gone to great effort to provide daily grid and reserves files that include all data reuired to solve the market by half hour. Only the daily updated grid files from 22-Jul-09 are now supported. The daily updated files also include full reserves data.

On startup EMarketOffer checks the Energy Link web site for the new grid and reserves data and automatically downloads files if you are not up to date.

The Connect Grid Data Tables check box in the Database Connection Settings window can be checked if you wish to use grid data from your own database, subject to the following:

WARNING! EMarketOffer will ignore any database links for grid data if grid data can be obtained from files. To use grid data from your own database you must delete any grid data files that are downloaded by EMarketOffer on startup.

DISCLAIMER:  Energy Link takes a great deal of care in extracting grid and reserves data from the SPD daily final pricing case data files
provided on the Electricity Authority's web site.  However, we are totally unsupported in this endeavour and cannot in anyway guarantee the accuracy
of the data we provide to EMarketOffer users.  We provide the data in good faith and will not be held liable for the use of the data in EMarketOffer
or in any other application, for the accuracy of the data, or for any special or consequential damages or losses resulting in any way whatsoever from the use of the data.

Market Data

Dynamic market data can be loaded into EMarketOffer directly from in-house databases. Care should be taken when constructing database queries to ensure the data that best suits your needs is returned. In particular, think through the following issues before finalising your queries:

  • Demand and Generation figures can be obtained from SCADA, WITS Daily Demand, reconciled GXP demand data or by processing arcflow and generation data. Which of these best suits your needs?
  • Offers files contain offers from Embedded Generators. How do you wish to deal with embedded generators? Is your demand data consistent with your treatment of embedded generators?

Generation and price data must be loaded from database in Market View. Offer and Demand data can be loaded from database or, in Forecasts, it can also be loaded from files. In Power Flows, demand and generation can be loaded from database or from files. Offer files are published on the business day after the day the Offers relate to. If your database does not contain Offers data you can update the Offers folder with the latest files from this web site as required.

If your database does not store Demand data you will need to create Demand files manually using a third party program such as Excel. All files should be formatted in accordance with the templates provided in Data File Formats.

Manual constraints

This data is sourced from the SO's web site (see

POCP data